Gringo + The Man

A Politically Incorrect Podcast About American Culture


Episode 3

Published on:

17th Mar, 2022

Episode 1

Published on:

24th Jan, 2022

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About the Podcast

Gringo and The Man
Welcome to Gringo & The Man, the only podcast where a middle-aged white dude and an O.G. Latino graffiti artist talk about living in a world gone loco! Hosts Gringo (aka Scott “Sourdough” Power ) & The Man (aka Man One), GenXers from Chicago and L.A. respectively, bring their devil-may-care attitude to discussing contemporary culture. Nothing is off-limits. Long time friends, Sourdough and Man One’s banter is what you'd expect from two dudes who grew up in the eighties. (Warning: this podcast may be inappropriate for those easily triggered.)